Denizen 2 Link Archive

A list of relevant links is available below.

Links to official resources for Denizen 2.x (on Sponge)...

Denizen2Sponge Meta Docs
Full Denizen 2.x documentation and tutorials.
Denizen2Sponge Builds
Download the plugin here.

Denizen2 topic on the Sponge Forums
Discuss the plugin with other Sponge users.
Denizen2Sponge GitHub Issues Page
Post any issues using Denizen 2.x here.

Links to projects related to Denizen 2.x (on Sponge)...

An official and carefully crafted editor to maximize your scripting speed!
Semi-official addon that helps you integrate a variety of other popular plugins into your Denizen scripts!

An official addon that lets you host a small web server from your Denizen-enabled Minecraft server!
Clientizen is an official secondary implementation of Denizen2 that runs on the Minecraft client! It can interact with both Sponge and Spigot servers (using Depenizen).